Jelly Buckingham works with acrylic on canvas. Here is a small selection of his paintings. Mister Jellington usually likes to work late at night, and quenches his mind with copious quantities of sweet tea, water mixtures, the endless gurgle of 100m deep whirlpools of paint, and surreal landscapes created by melodic sounds. Sometimes he listens to the same song up to fifty times during one painting to maintain mood and momentum.

'Jelly Buckingham - self portrait'

'The ghost'

'The smartest eye'

'The licking gift'

 'The Alcoholic'

'I don't know where to go tonight'

'At nine o'clock I stopped and turned to the stars in the sky'

'It's the really simple question always unanswered forever'
'The choices'

'Nobody knows but me'

'Sorry is not enough'

'It's between me and God'

'The parting'

'Well I've been having a discussion with God'

'The quiet time'