Jelly Buckingham believes in the power of creativity, doing things differently and weird robots. 

Launched in 2014 with a small collection of five designs based on original Jelly Buckingham paintings, more designs are being planned for the future.

Jelly Buckingham is inspired by original thinking, drinking copious quantities of neon blue tea and English idiosyncrasy.

The brand was created to make clothing for those who like to do things their own way. Playing drums till renegade fingers fly across the room. Skating till the board explodes into fifty million chunks. Painting all day and all night till a 150bpm seizure is attained. Surfing till the waves quench the moon. Or just making a cup of tea and suddenly throwing an unusual shape. All require the correct attire, no?

We are committed to using the best quality materials, and use only 100% certified organic cotton T-Shirts. A free postcard of a Jelly Buckingham original print is included with every order - oh yeah!

Above all else, whatever you do, be sure to LIVE THE JELLY LIFE. 



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