Sunshine suite July 16 2014

This is a suite of a two t-shirt set that's been sent out for someone to enjoy the very warm and fresh weather within. They match the rays of the sun well, says Buckingham. Why not try for yourself, and pour your good selves melted ice over the top of some ice, with ice and a slice (of n(ice) ice)?


Drummingtons! June 04 2014

Max Marlow's about fifty trillion times better on the tubs that The Jellisher would ever be, even if he drank thirteen thousand dozen million coffees.
Have a look-see at the evidence in this video, and don't forget to chekka the Jelly Buckingham t-shirt sported by Mister Max and then tell your friends they should probably buy one in time for tea.

The mysterious Mr. Light June 04 2014

Jelly Buckingham's been busy. This, completed last night, is entitled 'The mysterious Mr Light'. (Remember this and other JB paintings can be purchased, which means much tea can be formulated to accompany looking at them.) 'Simply enquire for details,' suggests Buckingham.

Hello Teehunter! June 04 2014

USA t-shirt website 'TeeHunter' has written about the Jelly Buckingham website whilst having a cup of tee.
According to the site, they say Jelly Buckingham attire is 'absolutely ideal for skateboarding, surfing, playing music, bunking off school, being thrown out of theatres, chucking paint at canvases, crashing a BMX, messing around with clay, being pointed at by weirdos, firing sonic cannons of ultra-low-frequency noise, turning a submarine into an insane club, taming temperamental lions etc, or just making a cup of sweet tea and throwing a cool shape...'

Jelly Buckingham's birthday! May 21 2014

Jelly Buckingham's birthday!! Weird Robot very much enjoyed taking centre stage in this arena of pure, bright, natural light - bathed in sunshine in the afternoon. Weird Robot was even holding a torch of pure, shining, flickering, sizzling light. And the cake was absolutely delicious; holy moly was it dee-licious! Yeah you betcha ass it was!!!!

Strange visitor to the court of The Jellister... May 21 2014

Jelly Buckingham has been getting reddy. There has been a strange visitor to the court of The Jellister, and the colour of red has been formulated, mixed, moxed, maxed, jack'sed and painted. It started easily enough, but then the visitor mixed and drank the water. And, yes, that's when the water exploded again. Arghhhh!!!!!! Gnnttthhhhghh!!! Very trickington. Very jellington. It was like hydrogen monoxide dioxide gas. It was quite frightening. But that's just the way the visitor to the Court of Jelly Buckingham rolled.

When the water mixture exploded! May 15 2014

Hmmmmmmm, observed Mister Jelly Buckingham, pondering some mixed water that had been formulated. Hmmmm...

It was exactly then that the water exploded, sending shards of splintered water everywhere. "Water," shouted Buckingham. "WATER!" The water flew in all directions, slowly slithering after The Jellister like a chequered-trousered toad.

The water was everywhere, and it was not only ice cold, but extremely hot. Maybe it could become a drink, thought Buckingham, if only it could be captured and tamed.

But who on Earth could tame the water, the very wild water, thought he. Surely it was impossibles. Impossibles.

'Painting: The thinking time' May 06 2014

This is the step-by-step metamorphosis of the latest painting, entitled 'The thinking time'.
"It required several cups of tea to get this right," intones The Buckingham.
"Yes, and the tea very much fused as one with the liquidity of the paint," replies the paintbrush.

Jelly Buckingham video portrait May 02 2014

This classic video film was created by Ian Patrick, when Mr Jelly Buckingham was creating 'Orange Cat', a now missing piece of work which adorned the wall of a building in London. Watch it immediately


Mysterious person May 02 2014

This is the mysterious owner of the original 'Licking Gift' painting by Jelly Buckingham and, in this picture, this owner is sporting the 'Licking Gift' tee. But who is this person? Where are they? Are they in this galaxy? If so, which part of the galaxy exactly? And which dimension?? And, if in our dimension, are they anywhere near a neutron star??? It's all very complicated, and such questions, such maths, such physics, truly stumps Mr Jelly Buckingham. In fact has him stumbling towards the bone china pot which contains teabags, so he can add something called 'boiling hot water' to it, and create a DRINK which will help him understand the complexities of such algebra.